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Connecting People 
with Ingredients

Klappo is a semantic platform for ingredients. It enables the development of applications that help people make educated and engaged choices about what they consume.

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Why information about ingredients are important


There is growing demand to access reliable information about product composition for both health and ethical reasons. There are, however, no tools available to supply this information.


It is estimated that about 60% of people around the world could suffer from  food Intolerance or food related inflammation.

Ethics and Religion

Many others follow religious or weight based diets and people are increasingly becoming aware that the way we eat is one of the primary sources of many health problems and at the same time the primary tool for well-being.


Built by an expert team of nutritionists, semantic engineers and computer scientists, the Klappo platform offers the most granular information available about foods, ingredients, products and recipes for building nutrition and recipe-based apps.

Klappo uses semantics to add new layers of intelligence to food data. With Klappo, innovative food suppliers and app developers have the most comprehensive platform from which they can quickly and accurately create relevant tools for consumers to make informed decisions about food.

 700K Barcodes

Klappo has collected a vast amount of data for products in US and UK and potentially millions for other countries

 1.5M Recipes

Through our Natural Language Engine we are processing millions of recipes to collect data and knowledge about how food is prepared

 150k Foods

Nutritional values for foods and ingredients from 52 countries in America and Europe.

 8B Datapoints

We embrace Big Data. Our Database has generated a huge amount of datapoint that are used to increase the accuracy of our output

Our Team


Massimiliano Del Vita

Co-Founder & CEO

18+ years experience in Product Design and Development with International experience in internet products and services.

Xabier Burgos

Software engineer

Xabier has more enthusiasm for coding than he can fit in a day. He is specialised in scalable architectures and has previously worked on The Sims Social.

Saher Mehdi

Science Consultant

PhD in Molecular Biology with 8+ years of research experience in Biotechnology and Epigenetics. She is passionate about food, science and nature.


Mohammad Khodadadi


Computer scientist and data wizard, PhD in Semantics at Manchester University, specializes in automated reasoning and semantic applications through which he makes sense of big data. 


Laurie Clark-Michalek

Software engineer

Data and code wizard with a passion for statistics and mathematics.


Eliseo Papa                    


Clinician, biomedical engineer and computational biologist, Eliseo has PhD from MIT/Harvard Medical School and an MD from Imperial College London.


Carmen Martinez Iturbe  


Carmen is a nutritionist with specialization in food technology and has spent her last years between Spain, Italy and UK.



Enrico Fiorentin

Co-Founder & Advisor

CEO of Gek, a sister company focused on Biomarkers and Food Hypersensitivity analysis tests in Italy.  Previously Chief Digital Officer of Hachette / Lagardere Italia.


Claudio Silvestri

Co-Founder & Advisor

Claudio has an extensive experience in internet technologies and Big Data. He is currently teaching at the University of Venice.


Attilio Speciani 

Co-Founder & Chairman

Clinical immunologist in Milan and London, after 34 years of work and 30 published books, he has been one of the speakers at the first TEDMED Live held in Italy in 2013.


Rob Merriman

Financial Advisor

24+ years experience in banking at UBS, Morgan Stanley, Deutsche Bank and Nomura as senior managing director and global business head.

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